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Management & Leadership



An introduction to leadership, this course covers the basic principles of management and supervision, business ethics, leadership, and organizational behavior, supervising organizational change, customer service, managerial skills and training, as well as mentoring and leadership development. Other topics include organizational leadership, managerial communication, managing employee performance, and managerial evaluations.


Project Management

An introduction to project management, this course focuses on the principles of project management and supervision, organizational behavior, project management training, PMI exam preparation, Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) and Program Management Professional (PMP) prep, customer service, managerial skills, and training, as well as team creativity in the workplace.


Team Building

Learn how to build and examine highly effective teams and hone your leadership and managerial skills with this team-building course. Topics covered include team-building activities, leading, facilitating, and motivating teams, enhancing the effectiveness and performance of teams and evaluating team performance. This course also examines a leader’s role in creating team goals, how team leaders can create a positive workplace culture, conflict management, providing and receiving feedback, the principles of management and supervision, and organizational communication.

Clapping Audience

Change Management

The Change Management course covers the different approaches to leading organizational and managerial change, as well as examining the finer points of management and supervision principles and organizational behavior.


Motivational Interviewing

Whether you’re a clinician in a healthcare setting, a supervisor attempting to boost employee morale, or a case manager assisting with recovery, our Motivational Interviewing (MI) training course will help you create conversations that empower others to make meaningful changes in their lives.


Do you need to schedule a training session for yourself? Would you like us to design a bespoke training session for your company? Are you new to MI, in need of a refresher, or simply looking to develop intermediate-level competencies? Whatever your needs, we are here to help!

Sync Up

Effective Leadership

This course helps students develop an awareness of their personal characteristics, skills, and styles in the context of leadership philosophy. Students are taught how to create a vision and to build an atmosphere that is conducive to success and personal fulfillment. The course also teaches listening skills and conflict resolution, as well as problem-solving strategies designed to help students become effective business leaders.

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