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RIS 2-Year Cybersecurity Program

Introduction to the RIS Cybersecurity Program

In the dynamic technology field, cybersecurity has emerged as a critical protection pillar in the digital world. The Roya Institute of Studies proudly introduces the RIS Cybersecurity Program, a meticulously structured journey from basic cybersecurity principles to advanced practices and techniques. This comprehensive two-year program will equip aspiring cybersecurity professionals with the knowledge, skills, and certifications to navigate and safeguard the cyberspace landscape confidently.


Our program is not a boot camp but an in-depth educational path that balances theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on experience. With a curriculum that evolves alongside the rapidly changing cyber threats, we ensure our students are prepared for today's and tomorrow's challenges.


RIS Cybersecurity Program Curriculum

Year 1: Laying the Foundations
  • Cybersecurity Basics: Understanding the landscape, including types of cyber threats, defense mechanisms, and the importance of cybersecurity.

  • Networking Fundamentals: Dive into networking essentials, learning about protocols, network security, and infrastructure.

  • Systems Security: Cover the critical components of securing Windows and Linux operating systems from vulnerabilities.

  • Secure Coding Practices: Introduction to best practices in software development to prevent common security flaws.

Year 2: Advancing Your Expertise
  • Ethical Hacking and Defense Strategies: Learn ethical hackers' tactics and tools to strengthen cybersecurity measures.

  • Incident Response and Risk Management: Develop the ability to respond to cybersecurity incidents and understand risk management frameworks.

  • Advanced Security Protocols: Delve into complex security protocols, encryption standards, and access control mechanisms.

  • Preparation for Certifications: Focused preparation for prestigious certifications such as CISSP and CISM, providing a competitive edge in the cybersecurity job market.

Program Highlights
  • Expert Instructors: Our faculty comprises industry veterans with extensive experience in cybersecurity.

  • Interactive Learning: Engage in interactive sessions, workshops, and collaborative projects that simulate cybersecurity challenges.

  • Career Services: Benefit from our dedicated career services, offering guidance, mentorship, and resources for job placement.


Embark on a transformative journey with the RIS Cybersecurity Program and emerge as a guardian of the digital universe.

Investment in Your Future


The total fee for this transformative education is $7000, which can be managed with our flexible monthly payment plan. This approach allows you to spread the cost throughout the program, making it an affordable investment in your future without upfront financial strain.

Total Program Fee: $7,000


Affordable Monthly Payment Options Available

For more information and to start your application, visit the RIS Cybersecurity Program.

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