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Teacher Training Courses

Teacher and Pupil

Professional Development and Salary Advancement Courses for Teachers

Welcome to the Roya Institute of Studies' Educator Programs! Developed specifically for educators, by educators, each of our courses has been carefully designed to inspire teachers, improve education, and drive student learning.


Continuing education is essential for educators. Motivated by opportunities for professional improvement and increases in income, many instructors enroll in our online programs for continuing education. Some of our training courses may be applicable to community college professors.


To maximize convenience, all courses are offered online.

Boost Your Classroom Abilities

The desire to become a better educator is a powerful motivator for enrolling in educator professional development courses. Our robust selection of high-quality courses provides several options for professional growth to correspond with your interests and passions as an educator. Popular subjects include:


  • Classroom administration

  • Literacy and reading

  • Educational technology

  • Prevention of bullying

Affordability & High Quality

Our continuing education and professional development courses are created with the lowest possible costs in mind. The majority of our courses are priced between $120 and $410, with prices indicated in the course descriptions. RIS offers high-quality courses taught by knowledgeable experts, utilizing the latest resources, materials and approaches.

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